Small Business Development

Paul Terry & Associates provides small business management consulting and entrepreneurship training to existing and emerging small businesses. 

We help clients and students build and run successful and sustainable enterprises. We work directly with clients to help them succeed financially, create positive relationships with all stakeholders, and contribute to the well-being of their community.

We have been facilitating successful business transitions and teaching entrepreneurship for over 30 years to hundreds of clients and thousands of students.

“Paul is a tireless and passionate advocate and enabler of small business ownership and growth. He has a special talent for helping entrepreneurs face their realities and figure out ways to overcome obstacles of all kinds without becoming overwhelmed.”

– Heidi Gibson, Co-Owner, The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

“Paul Terry is an extraordinary teacher, curriculum designer and business consultant. Paul’s consulting services have helped Renaissance grow strategically and effectively. Paul brings enormous creativity, intelligence and experience. His impact has been remarkable – and working with him, a delight.”

– Sharon Miller, CEO, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

“Our consulting sessions with Paul Terry have been of great value. Paul has been very helpful in strategic planning, assessing our opportunities, providing excellent customer service training and helping us plan our growth. He has been a great asset in the continued growth of Good Life.”

– Lester Zeidman, President, The Good Life Grocery