Food for Thought

Food as a small business and the business of food.  Taste and preferences have radically changed and there are so many new businesses that are popping up in the Bay Area.  In fact, “pop-up” defines many new neighborhood food businesses.  You do not have to “go to them”…they will come to your neighborhood – farmer’s markets, food carts, food trucks, or food events at an abandoned cafe once a month.  You go online and hear about it all from a tweet, a whistle or a hoot.  So many opportunities for cooks to get their ideas out there and be tasted.

Do you support your local food vendors, confirm they are local and legal and see that they are there next week and the week after?  They are passionate about their wraps, their salsa, their falafel and their cupcakes.  And they are a business…they need to be supported and sustained.  You buy from them and stay loyal.  They are confident to stay in business, track costs and hire people to help them out.

Tiny micro businesses are popping up and sticking to the wall.  They are launched with the passion of the cook and helped by the curiosity of the crowd  – having fun, being out and eating the organic, sustainable goodies.  This is everyone’s business.  Help your favorites run like businesses, give feedback, check for quality and service and be supportive with positive word of mouth.  Perhaps most will stay in business if they have fun, love what they are doing and become profitable.  Wow… making a profit doing what you love…over and over again.  Now that is a thought that we can all relish and support.


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