Radical Aging – One Step at a Time

We are all aging…some with grace and patience and others without notice, care or attention.  It seems like everyone I know, I see at the “gym” or out and exercising in some way.  The streets in SF are full of bicyclists (another story later); there are runners all over Potrero Hill (our hood); the exercise equipment is in full use and diets and focus on healthy band local foods is prolific (See last blog re eating locally).

My dear friend, John of 30+ years really believes in radical aging and exercise.  He is 70 and has been doing this since I met him years ago in Vancouver.  He is someone who is on a mission to prove a point.  To age and age well, we must be a radical in what we do; in how we live and most specifically, how we plan and exercise.  I plan a movie in about 2-3 hours or perhaps look ahead for one month and buy theater tickets.  John and his hiking buddy Brian spend weeks together and plan for months to look for glaciers to cross; mountains to conquer and/or trails to hike, backpack and conquer – for days and weeks at a time.

On his way to Victoria from WhitehorseJohn is now on an amazing journey.  He is biking from Whitehorse in the Yukon to Victoria in British Columbia – solo.  The journey is 2350 kilometers or about 1800 miles.  He is alone without a support truck or cell phone.  He is on this journey for the personal challenge and to raise money for Parkinson’s research. (If you want to know more about his journey check out his Facebook page updated by his daughter every 2-3 days when he finds a pay phone and calls in with an update – after 100 miles riding per day.)

So how are we doing?  Do we age with grace and attention to detail or only notice our bodies when we are sick?  Do we quit bad habits when the “hacking” gets to us or because it is essential we exercise to live well…now while we can?  An old Buddhist saying comes to mind:  when sitting, just sit; when walking, just walk.  Above all, do not wobble”.

Can we take action for ourselves and our businesses?  Are we better managers and owners if we plan and take action?  Can we set up systems, support groups or get consulting help when we need to take action.  I hope your next steps are solid and well placed.  If there is a radical step to take in your near future, plan well, create systems to support yourself and then go for it.  Don’t forget to call in and if you need help, ask for it.  Habits are formed one step at a time…Here we go…take that first step.  The next one is so much easier.  Radical – one step at a time!  Not THAT hard…right?  So, when you are walking or running, just do that and see what happens.

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