The To Do List: Getting it done

There is too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.  In fact, there are two facts that time management experts seem to agree.  You will never really catch-up and you will never get it all done.  So what can we do, if anything?

Christopher Robin was explaining this issue to Pooh Bear in one long walk in the woods.  His wisdom went like this;  ” Well, Pooh…there is so much to do.  So organized is what we do, before we do it, so when we do it, it is not all mixed up”.  Too much to do; too many interruptions from so many people who want your attention.  What to do.  Do whatever you want when you feel like it?  Only do what is most important and only that?  Make sure you only do what you like to do?  Only do what makes sense for your clients and customer service?  Do what makes money first and then pay attention to what you need for you, last?

Hard to know what to do and what tools we can use to make a difference.  Sometime it can be an on-line solution with an application or a bell that rings.  Sometime it is simply a short hand-written sheet of paper.

The real issue is what do I NEED to get done!

In running our small business…what is the key matter to get done now.  Can I build skills that make this issue better?  Is there a tool that works for me?  What is the best solution for me?  Do we write it out; do we use an on-line tool; do we post it on our screen; do we tell others so they will remind us; do we have a regular schedule so that we have the time set aside.

Yes…all or some of this list.  Whatever works for you and moves your business forward. It is good to have a balance of the big three – work; family and health.  Bring that into a daily balance and it can only get better.  One more thing.  If your time management system no longer works, try something else.  Do not let the procrastination rule you.  Keep moving!!!

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