The Wisdom Circle

We can bring new perspective and strategic thinking to your current business challenge or opportunity. With the Paul Terry &  Associates Wisdom Circle, you get direction from a team of business experts in an intensive format, and guidance to create and implement a plan of action for your business.

The three-step process includes:

Initial Assessment

One-on-one consultation to define a current issue or opportunity for your business. Key information is then shared with the carefully selected business advisors who will participate in your hot seat session.

Hot Seat

Intensive facilitated session with select business advisors. You present your issue or opportunity, advisors ask in-depth clarifying questions, and then give specific advice and direction for a realistic and practical solution.

Action Plan

One-on-one follow-up to review advisors’ feedback and recommendations and design a plan of action, with specific goals, action steps, timeline and outcome for your business.  The end result is tangible, positive change for you and your business.