Paul Terry

Paul TerryPaul Terry has over 35 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and a skilled, hands-on small business owner. He has owned and managed a San Francisco Bay Area wholesale distribution company, two San Francisco-based retail food businesses, and a training seminar business.

In 1983 he founded Paul Terry & Associates to offer clients entrepreneurship consulting, business action planning and guidance in transition management. Paul’s clients include businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurship training centers.

Paul is a results-oriented business consultant and a dynamic teacher of entrepreneurship. He has helped design and implement business solutions for hundreds of for-profit and non-profit clients, developed entrepreneurship curricula and taught practical business skills classes to over 7,500 students. Paul has lectured to audiences in California, across the country, and abroad.

Paul is widely recognized, both locally and nationally, for his teaching and small business advocacy work. Among his many awards are:

  • Small Business Advocate Award – San Francisco Small Business Network, 2013
  • Outstanding Service Award – Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, 2012
  • Community Advocate Award – Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, 2006
  • Entrepreneurship Educator of the YearInc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, the Kauffman Foundation and Merrill Lynch, 1995
  • Financial Services Advocate Award – Small Business Administration (San Francisco), 1994
  • Business Instructor of the Year – San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 1991

Paul is on the board of directors of the Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association.  (See recent PDMA video.)

The PTA Consulting Team

PTA collaborates with a select team of experienced business development and consulting professionals. They own their own businesses and also work with Paul Terry & Associates based on the skill sets required for the project.

Andrea Baker

Andrea is the owner of Andrea Baker Consulting and has significant experience in implementing neighborhood revitalization and economic development strategies that encourage dynamic commercial corridors in emerging neighborhoods. Previously Andrea worked as Project Manager for the Mayor’s Office of Economic & Workforce Development and the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Andrea has extensive experience in starting small businesses, including Baker Foods, La Fête Catering, Made in California Shops and Geva’s Restaurant. Andrea provides the PTA Consulting Team with expertise in economic development strategies, business operations and personnel training programs for retail operations.

Dr. Monika Hudson

Monika is an assistant professor at University of San Francisco as well as a governmental strategic planning and mediation consultant. She has worked in the public, nonprofit and private sectors and understands business and economic development issues from all three perspectives. Monika is also the past City Manager of East Palo Alto, CA and Colma, CA. She is fluent in local and federal government issues as they are relevant to small business. Monika provides the PTA Consulting Team with expertise in contract management, program development and procurement projects.

Sandy Sohcot

Sandy is principal of Sohcot Consulting, which has provided planning, control and project management expertise to start-up and established businesses and non-profit organizations since 1984. Sandy is also the Executive Director of the Rex Foundation, established by members of the Grateful Dead to provide support to creative endeavors in the arts, sciences and education. Sandy brings her years of strategic planning and financial skills to the PTA Consulting Team and provides help with contract management, corporate access and meeting facilitation.

Bob Steiner

Bob runs a business consulting and training company in Berkeley, CA and has worked in the areas of marketing, global leadership and cultural competency for 25 years. He managed marketing and sales for AT&T’s multilingual products and services division, and has subsequently consulted with companies such as Google and American Express, non-profits like the YMCA, and local Bay Area small businesses. Bob provides the PTA Consulting Team with market research, analysis and selling skills, as well as cross-cultural competency training programs in both Spanish and English.

Ken Stram

Ken is founder of 2Bridge Communications, a full service marketing firm focused on helping small businesses with coordinated brand positioning, PR, and social media marketing strategies. Ken has more than 20 years of experience working as the Associate Administrator for Field Operations at the U.S. Small Business Administration, and as a member of the technology practice at a leading global public relations firm. Ken was also the founder of the world’s first LGBT Economic Development Program. Ken provides the PTA Consulting Team with expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic planning.

Claude Whitmyer

Claude is the principal of FutureU™, which helps small businesses take advantage of the internet. Claude advocates that commitment to content publishing, a total web presence, a lead generation and lead conversion process, and a detailed marketing calendar are the keys to long-term business success, online or off. Claude also provides executive coaching and career guidance to business and career clients. Claude provides the PTA Consulting Team with expertise in the use of technology and curriculum development as well as practical business advice.

Melinda Phillips Zumski

Melinda is the Principal of ZümiFi Inc (previously Phillips Business Consulting), a small business advisory firm that specializes in financial analysis, bookkeeping and accounting services. Melinda has over 20 years of experience helping to guide small businesses by analyzing and optimizing their financial performance. Melinda is passionate about establishing financial literacy as a core skill for all small business owners. Melinda provides the PTA Consulting Team with expertise in budgeting, accounting systems and practical financial business models.

In Memoriam

CeCe Phillips

CeCe was a passionate advocate for small business development. She was the past owner of Plantscape, an award-winning interior landscaping company. She was a friend and mentor to PTA and an inspiration to all who knew her.