“Paul is an excellent advisor because he meets each business owner where he or she is and takes the time to intimately acquaint himself with not only the business itself, but also the individuals behind it. His thoughtful and sensible advice has been crucial to my ability to create the proper structures within my business as my business grows. I would recommend Paul to any small business owner!”

– Rachel Saunders, Owner of Blue Chair Fruit Company

“Paul has offered our ownership team an important and neutral space to reflect on and improve our division of labor, communication and organizational management. He is responsive, thoughtful, and direct about what steps need to be taken to achieve our business goals. Paul has been an experienced sounding board and guide toward clearer strategic planning and visioning for business expansion and he is excellent at distilling down to concrete steps toward that overall goal. He is a highly recommended and wonderful resource!”

– Shamita Dhar, Co-Owner of Coyote Coast Youth & Family Counseling

“Paul has been instrumental to the growth of my business. His knowledge and ability to grasp issues confronting small businesses is invaluable. He is an asset to the small business community in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

– David Dawson, Founder, CEO of Dawson Custom Workroom

“Paul helped me fine tune the tracking and forecasting of my business and provided key information in hiring and managing employees. He is a great resource and I highly recommend his business consulting services!”

– Christine Friel, L.Ac., DNBAO, FABORM, Acupuncturist and Founder of Double Happiness Health

“We started working with Paul Terry & Associates because we had too many opportunities and ideas. Paul has helped us to learn to make values based choices that allow us to express who we are and how we want to work and grow our business. Paul has helped with business planning, financial analysis and action steps to help better position our center into new markets. We plan to continue working with Paul for his specific insights into our partnerships issues and assessing our expansion plans in the next few years.”

– Deborah Bowes and Cliff Smyth, Founders of Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education

“Working with Paul Terry was exactly what I needed to bring clarity to my business. From our meetings, Paul was able to assess the areas in which I was running in circles and assign me specific tasks that provided focus so that I could systematically accomplish the goals that would bring my business the most leverage. Thank you, Paul!”

– Leslie Tagorda, Owner of Flair Designs

“Our consulting sessions with Paul Terry have been of great value over the last 25 years of our business. Paul is adept at focusing our attention on the immediate problem and helping us to see beyond the distractions. He and his staff have been very helpful in strategic planning, assessing our strengths and opportunities with in-depth analysis, providing excellent customer service training and helping us plan our growth in other specific management areas. Paul has been a great asset to our management team as well as in the continued assessments and growth of our grocery business.”

– Lester Zeidman, President of The Good Life Grocery

“My husband and I own and manage a play-based preschool near Oakland for 2-5 year olds with a focus on emotional literacy. When we met with Paul for the first time, we were questioning the viability of our fledgling school and desperately needed some clarity about how to increase our enrollment. After implementing one of Paul’s suggestions, we experienced an amazing jump in families wanting to join the Happy Together Preschool program. While we continue to experience the hurdles that any new business encounters, Paul is always there for us, with support and sound guidance to help us not only survive but also thrive.”

– Monica Haddad, Founder and Director of Happy Together Preschool

“After 10 plus years running a successful small business, I didn’t “need” an expert telling me how to run my business . . . but, oh, was I mistaken. I decided to take my business in a different direction and although my core services were the same, the client type, marketing message and overall outreach strategy had to be drastically changed. Paul has helped me identify the elements that made my previous venture successful and re-package them to the new audience. The guidance has been crucial as sometimes one is too close to the action to see things clearly.”

– Michael Cecchini, Founder & Principal of IT Briefcase

“What I appreciate most about working with Paul is his inherent knowledge of business issues faced by small businesses and their owners. Paul has been instrumental in helping our company with resource management strategies, as well as supporting our commercial development opportunities. Paul understands not only the unique needs of small business seeking to grow, but he also understands the need to work with us at a pace we can maintain. This sometimes requires both persistence and patience and Paul has a healthy balance of both!”

– Ingrid Merriwether, President of Merriwether and Williams Insurance Services

“In different phases of every business, it is a wise business decision to step back, reevaluate and see a new perspective on where your business and business partnership is and where you want it to go. Meeting with Paul Terry & Associates over the years has guided our business and our partnership in a new direction. We continue to have on-going consultations with Paul for his resource of business experience and perspective.”

– Fred Wallace, President of One Big Man & One Big Truck Moving Company, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul for the past eleven years. During that time, he has given us expert advice and analysis for our business ventures. Paul’s vast background in entrepreneurship gives tremendous depth to his consulting. Paul provided a very specific structure to frame our business decisions and direction. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul for anyone who needs help in starting, growing, or guiding their business development.”

– Jill Bourque, President of Paiz Public Relations

“Paul has been a great help to me over the past decade as I’ve launched my business. After 25 years in government and as an employee of non-profits, I was ready to start my own enterprise. Like most entrepreneurs, I ‘m happiest providing services to my clients. But the growing and running of a business needs attention, too. His advice has made a real difference and I’ve happily sent others his way when asked for referrals.”

– David Prowler. President of Prowler, Inc.

“We decided to hire a consultant after more than 20 years in business because we were experiencing rapid growth and wanted to get guidance on issues such as personnel, business planning, and lease negotiations. Paul was referred to us by another successful local business and working with him has been great. He gets quickly to the matter at hand and provides valuable insights that allow us to move forward with clarity and confidence. He really understands small business issues! Most importantly, while he helps us reflect and act on the day-to-day concerns of running a business, he keeps us focused on our strategic planning and goals. Since we have been working with Paul we have seen even more growth and success and believe that at least in part this has been due to our work with Paul and the outcomes of our meetings.”

– Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc, Co-Owner of San Francisco Natural Medicine

“Our relationship with Paul Terry began more than twenty years ago when our business was in its infancy. His spot-on advice, brilliant counsel and warm communication continue to help us as we have grown our business into a corporation. Each step of the way, the support meetings and phone sessions has been invaluable and Paul has always been ready with specific ideas and insightful comments. His thoughtful questions always make us think and this has manifested in some of our smartest business decisions over the years. Having an ongoing working relationship with a consultant of Paul Terry’s caliber is one of our most important business assets. Working without Paul Terry is like doing acrobatics without a net.”

– Yoel & Dee-Dee Sberlo, Owners of Sberlo Plumbing

“Paul was very open about sharing his years of business experience with us. He was a great sounding board, attentive to our personal goals and helping us to reach them. He was also a great reality check — calling it as he saw it and questioning our assumptions. Paul’s ability to “crunch” numbers in a realistic way helped light the way for us to proceed. We highly recommend that you get Paul on your team!”

– Tom Ysturiz-Dougherty and Alex Mayo, Co-owners of Silver Cloud Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

“Twenty years ago, I registered through Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center to build up my business plan. Paul Terry gave it wings and life. Paul has been an incredible mentor and source of support throughout the various stages of my business growth. He understands more than what is said, his wisdom and advice are priceless. Paul’s dedication and commitment to entrepreneurship is unparalleled.”

– Josiane Feigon, Owner of TeleSmart Communications


“Paul created the curriculum and program design which made Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center one of the premier micro-enterprise entrepreneurial training programs in the country. For this contribution he was named ‘Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year’ by INC Magazine and the Kauffman Foundation. Paul Terry has been an important reason that Renaissance Center has achieved such excellence and its graduates have achieved such success. Paul continues to help Renaissance and many other CAMEO members with program redesign and analysis.”

– Claudia Viek, Executive Director of CAMEO

“Paul Terry is an extraordinary teacher, curriculum designer and business consultant. Paul’s consulting services have helped Renaissance grow strategically and effectively. Paul brings enormous creativity, intelligence and experience. His impact has been remarkable – and working with him, a delight.”

– Sharon Miller, CEO of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

“Paul has a knack for presenting information in ways that are engaging, informative, and smart. I’ve experienced him both as a teacher, a co-teacher, and a consultant, and in all formats, Paul strikes a balance between humor, strength, and knowledge about the subject matter. I’ve learned immense amounts about running a business from him, and continue to do so in my interactions with him.”

– Gail Lillian, Owner of Liba Falafel

“Paul is not only extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to build businesses from the ground up, but also has hands on experience with hundreds of small business owners and organizations across a variety of sectors. His approachable nature and unwavering patience is a huge help to any business owner ready to take the next step, grapple with a challenge or take a venture to the next level.”

– Luisa Alberto, Owner of Sow

“Paul is a tireless and passionate advocate and enabler of small business ownership and growth. He has a special talent for helping entrepreneurs face their realities and figure out ways to overcome obstacles of all kinds without becoming overwhelmed. If you need help getting a business going, turning a hobby into a business, or getting an existing business back on track, Paul is your guy. He is patient, kind and empathetic… and will also get to the root of the issue.”

– Heidi Gibson, Co-Owner of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen


“Our work with Paul Terry and his associates has been of great value. He was able to assess five non-profit/government business centers and complete an in-depth feasibility study for our assessment program. Paul was able to use his years of knowledge and information to assess training programs, business incubators and small businesses. His review and recommendations were very helpful to these State-wide programs we were reviewing. We will continue to work with Paul for his specific consultation and for his perspective on entrepreneurship training, consulting business development.”

– Selma Taylor, CEO of California Resources and Training (CARAT)

“Our work with Paul Terry & Associates was not only enjoyable but also proved to be of great value. The CP Center utilized Paul to assess a business opportunity for our micro enterprise program. His resulting, very thorough, business feasibility study was instrumental in helping us convince a foundation to fund this expansion program. Paul provided coaching for the new entrepreneurs and guided us through the business start up process. We will continue to work with Paul for his specific consultation and his perspective in entrepreneurship training, consulting and business development.”

– Nancy R. Rosenberg, Executive Director of The Celebral Palsy Center

“Our work with Paul Terry has been of great value. He was able to assess key decision-making areas for developing our social business – run by a large non-profit in the city. We need to meet business goals and consider how to also be socially responsible in how we treat all of our stakeholders. Regular meetings with Paul and his insight into financials and action planning has been very helpful in growing our business. He has been a mentor for all the issues that arise as a social business enterprise. We will continue to work with Paul for his specific consultation and perspective in business management, personnel planning and business development.”

– Michael Berke, Manager of Cleanerific Cleaning Services for Jewish Family & Children’s Services

“Paul Terry & Associates is one of the most important investments an aspiring entrepreneur can make! Their expertise, ability to dissect seemingly complex business issues and, most importantly, communicate solutions to owners of new and expanding businesses makes PTA a stand-out among business consultants. Over my 25 year relationship with PTA, however, what I have appreciated most is their unique understanding and a training model, which allows them to work successfully with business, non-profit and government clients seeking to strengthen their operations.”

– Jay Smith, Regional Relocation Specialist at US Department of Housing & Urban Development

“Our work with Paul Terry has been very helpful. He has presented to our group of social enterprises and has also provided valuable individualized industry expertise. He is able to mentor social enterprise managers on many small business and management issues, and brings a wise and experienced perspective to this work.”

– Cynthia Gair, Managing Director of Programs for REDF

“Paul and his Associates were able to complete a very detailed assessment of the San Jose Entrepreneur Center (eCenter) including an understanding of the offerings, the contributions of all the partners and recommendations for next steps. He and his team were able to interview all the key players and synthesize many of the issues for the eCenter. The results were reported to the San Jose City Council with a very favorable result. The Redevelopment Agency would have no hesitation in working with Paul and his organization again for his specific consultation and/or his perspective in entrepreneurship training, consulting and/or business development.”

– Richard A. Keit, Director of Neighborhood & Business Development for the City of San Jose