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We are confident that we can help you with your business enterprise or management transition—or make a referral to someone who can.  Contact us to set-up an initial consultation.


Small Business Management Consulting

This is an ideal service for clients who require one-on-one consulting, coaching and/or direction in management transitions.

  • Contact us to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your issue and confirm that we have the right match.
  • Complete the New Client Profile form and confirm the letter of agreement before the first consultation.

Fees are billed hourly or by project with a pre-determined agreement for projects fees and timeline.

Entrepreneurship & Professional Training

Customized trainings in subjects such as business planning, strategic growth, time/work management and customer service are available for groups of entrepreneurs, individual businesses with transition issues, and non-profits exploring potential for-profit opportunities.

  • Contact us regarding the nature of engagement and desired outcome.
  • Determine the scope of the classes or workshops.
  • Confirm a letter of agreement outlining the scope of work and project terms.

Fees are billed by project based on preparation hours, on-site program delivery, and follow-up hours for implementation and review.

Business Program Assessments

This service is for business centers and non-profit organizations running small business programs that require review, analysis and improvement.

  • Contact us regarding the nature of engagement and the timeline.
  • Determine the scope of engagement and the availability of key personnel.
  • Confirm letter of agreement outlining proposal terms and conditions.

Fees will be billed in phases to match the audit, recommendations and implementation stages over the length of the contract.