Meet Paulhistory

Prior to founding Paul Terry & Associates, Paul owned and managed a wholesale distribution company, two retail food businesses and a training seminar business. In 1983, he founded Paul Terry & Associates to offer entrepreneurship consulting, business action planning and guidance in transition management. For over three decades, Paul has helped design and implement business solutions for hundreds of for-profit and non-profit clients and has taught entrepreneurship classes to thousands of students.

Paul's ApproachConsulting

When working with a client, Paul draws on his years of experience working with small business owners and his own experience as a small business owner. Paul is a results-oriented business consultant and an excellent accountability partner. He listens carefully, asks clarifying questions and gives sound and practical advice for addressing key issues. His warm style, sensible approach, and consistent follow-up gives clients the support and the “push” they need to create lasting positive change for their businesses.

Paul's ApproachTraining

Paul is a dynamic teacher focused on helping entrepreneurs build their business skills and their confidence. Humor is a central component to Paul’s teaching style. He quickly puts students at ease and gets them talking and engaging with one another. Paul believes that we learn best through hands-on, practical experience. He encourages students to get out of the classroom to talk with people and test assumptions. His focus is helping students build their entrepreneurial skills and their confidence, and connecting new entrepreneurs to Bay Area small business mentors.

Paul's ApproachCommunity

Paul has dedicated his career to helping clients and students build successful and sustainable enterprises that succeed financially, create positive relationships with all stakeholders, and contribute to the well-being of the community.

Paul is a strong advocate on behalf of small business issues in the San Francisco Bay Area and promotes a socially responsible and transparent approach to business ownership. Paul is on the board of directors of the Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association and The Good Life Grocery. He is also a member of CAMEO (California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity).

Local and NationalAwards

  • Small Business Advocate Award – San Francisco Small Business Network, 2013
  • Outstanding Service Award – Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, 2012
  • Community Advocate Award – Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, 2006
  • Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year – Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, the Kauffman Foundation and Merrill Lynch, 1995
  • Financial Services Advocate Award – Small Business Administration (San Francisco), 1994
  • Business Instructor of the Year – San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 1991


Andrea Baker

Andrea is the owner of Andrea Baker Consulting and the Executive Director of En2Action. Andrea has significant experience in developing strategies for building vibrant commercial corridors in emerging neighborhoods. Andrea also has extensive experience starting and managing small businesses, including Made in California Shops and Geva’s Restaurant. Andrea provides expertise with PTA in management facilitation, business operations and personnel.

Dr. Monika Hudson

Monika is an associate professor of management at University of San Francisco and an expert in strategic planning and mediation. She has worked in the public, nonprofit and private sectors and understands business and economic development issues from all three perspectives. Monika provides expertise in transition management and program development.

Ken Stram

Ken is founder of 2Bridge Communications, a full service marketing firm focused on helping small businesses with brand positioning, PR, and social media marketing strategies. Ken was also the founder of the world’s first LGBT Economic Development Program. Ken provides expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic planning for established businesses.

Jenny Trotter

Jenny has experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She has worked as a program manager for foundations and non-profits, with a focus on public health, food and agriculture. She runs her own small business, Kibo Farm, with her husband in Sonoma County and serves on the board of FEED Sonoma, a farmer- and worker-owned cooperative, the first of its kind for fresh produce in CA. Jenny provides expertise in client management and outreach, business services development, website management and bookkeeping.

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