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Starting a joint business venture or struggling with a business partnership challenge? We will help you define roles, solve key issues, and create a solid framework for agreement and business growth. We help new partners define the terms of their relationship, and established partners address current issues and update agreements. We also are familiar with the challenges specific to family business owners and joint ventures.

our process

Step 1


Identify what each person, potential partner or business offers the relationship. Confirm commitments to the business and common goals to clarify compatibility.

Step 2


Facilitate discussion between partners to determine expectations, define roles and set timelines.  Address key issues and mitigate areas of conflict, including transparency related to financial concerns and intellectual property.

Step 3


Draft or revise agreement that defines the terms of the relationship and how the business is jointly managed. This includes how profits and losses are allocated, partners’ contributions to the business, and the process for adding a new partner or transferring a partner’s interest in the business.

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