PTA works with small business clients to assess current opportunities and challenges, implement effective solutions and produce measured results.


We use in-depth assessments, business support strategies and facilitation skills to develop feasible business solutions to a client’s current issue or challenge. We can help implement new product or service expansions and facilitate business partnerships, joint ventures and owner exit plans. Our process includes one-on-one sessions with detailed action plans and specific deadlines to guide successful management transitions. Learn more about our consulting options.


We have over 30 years of experience in designing subject-specific workshops and long-term training classes. Training topics include small business management, entrepreneurial start-up strategies, customer service, action planning, peer and mentor support systems, time management, and senior leadership issues. We facilitate retreats and do public speaking on a variety of business topics. Customized entrepreneurial trainings can be designed to fit client requests.

PTA business product offerings include:

An assessment of a new venture or any business expansion.

The Feasibility Study is used to assess an emerging business idea or new enterprise and articulate the specific risks and benefits of an expanded offering. The process provides a detailed implementation plan with a specific and realistic timeline.

A comprehensive plan for analysis and growth.

The Business Plan is used when clients require thorough analysis to address all transition issues and detail every aspect of their enterprise. The planning begins with an audit that covers all key areas of the business and a full business plan that articulates every realistic opportunity for improvement and growth.

A tool for implementing a management transition.

The Action Plan is used to create a roadmap in order to attain a key business goal. The action plan sets critical benchmarks within a specific timeline. This process is ideal when developing any specific management action, negotiating a business transfer, or adding new senior staff.